Car Rental – U Should Use State Contracts for Business Travel

University travelers that need rental cars are highly encouraged to use the state contracts with Hertz, National, and Enterprise. These State Auto Rental Contracts include recommended insurance as part of  the contract, so the traveler does not need to purchase any additional insurance at the rental counter.

Domestic Trips (U.S. and Canada): These contracts cover our business needs in most destinations.  If a traveler chooses to book the rental without the agents, or chooses a different car rental provider, they will need to purchase the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) which is NOT reimbursable to the traveler in most cases.  Additionally, the department will be charged a $3 fee per day. This $3/day is contributed to a pool to cover the $10,000 deductible the state of Utah imposes on the auto liability if the traveler is involved in an accident and not on State contract.

International Trips: State rental contracts are not available outside the U.S. and Canada. International travelers should be certain that they have liability and CDW insurance when renting a vehicle outside of the U.S. and Canada – even if they need to purchase this insurance. Travelers may be reimbursed for these insurances when traveling to international destinations where the contracts are not available.

NOTE: These state contracts are available only through the onsite travel agents, and are not prepaid. The traveler will pay for the car rental on a personal credit card and will need to  seek reimbursement after the completion of the trip.

If you have any questions, please contact Travel & Reimbursement Services at (801)581-7274 or visit our Car Rental Contracts webpage.

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Help Speed Travel Payments with Accurate Submissions

Travel & Reimbursement Services is currently experiencing a high volume of Travel Reimbursement requests, and we are working diligently to process them as quickly as possible.  

Please make sure to follow the guidelines below in order to help speed up the overall processing time. 

NOTE: If an incomplete request is submitted and/or the guidelines are not followed, Travel & Reimbursement Services may send it back to the requestor. We want to be sure that all accurate submissions receive our best service. 

Guidelines for Travel Reimbursement Request packet:

  • Airfare Receipts – Card must be listed with an amount next to it, showing proof of payment. NO e-credits will be reimbursed.
  • NO Staples – Attach the pages of the packet using an alligator clip or paper clip.
  • ORIGINAL receipts are required for employees.
  • Tape down all receipts and include with the reimbursement packet.
  • Mileage rate changed to $0.545/mile January 1, 2018. Attach mileage logs for reimbursements that have dates and mileage total.
  • Foreign currency conversion: Foreign trips REQUIRE conversion documents attached to the reimbursement – we recommend using Oanda.
  • Conference brochures are REQUIREDThey must include:
    • Name of the conference or meeting
    • Dates of conference or meeting
    • Location of conference or meeting
    • All meals provided as part of the cost of registration

Salt Lake International Airport Parking reimbursement guidelines:

  • If the trip is under 24 hours, the traveler may park in short-term parking.  The current rate is $32/day.
  • The traveler can park in short-term parking when required and documented up to 4 days with department approval.
  • If the trip is over 24 hours, the traveler needs to park in long-term parking.  Traveler will be reimbursed $9/day

*When required and documented, additional Short Term Parking may be used up to a maximum of four days.

*The additional Short Term Parking fee, i.e. in excess of one day, may not be charged to State Appropriated Funds or Grant and Contract Funds. Travel will update allowable parking reimbursement amounts as costs change, for more information; refer to Salt Lake International Airport.

For an added reference, please see the Reimbursement Packet Guidelines.

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International Travel MUST be Registered 3 Weeks in Advance

Attention: International Travelers and DepartmentsBeginning April 2, 2018, the Travel & Reimbursement Services Department will require VP signatures for any reimbursement requests where the trip was not registered 3 weeks in advance of departure.

We are taking this action in compliance with Interim Rule R3-030D:  International Travel Safety and Insurance which has been in effect since October 31, 2016.

Travel planners need to register all international trips using the Travel System at least 3 weeks before the departure date See the complete Rule for more details. This Rule is meant to enhance traveler information and safety while traveling abroad.  Provisions within this Rule require travelers to adhere to travel warnings and to enroll in University Health and Emergency Evacuation Insurance for all University International trips.

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