Booking Travel

NOTE: DO NOT book any travel in Concur or with the agency until the employee has updated their Concur Profile. The information must match the employee’s government-issued ID. 

1. Know Before You Go

Review the helpful General Traveler Information links below prior to traveling domestically or internationally.

NOTE: On May 3, 2023, U.S. travelers must be REAL ID compliant to board domestic flights and access certain federal facilities.


Specific to International Travel 

Travelers should confirm their passport is valid and updated in their Concur Profile prior to booking international airfare and verify any Visa Requirements for destination(s)

2. Concur Profile & E-Receipts Profile personal information (name, gender, DOB, nationality) must match the traveler’s photo ID required by the federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to fly. This information will be populated from the traveler’s profile when booking a trip through Concur Travel or through Christopherson Business Travel.

Travel Arrangers booking on behalf of employees or non-employees should obtain a copy of the traveler’s ID used at the airport or the exact traveler information to prevent additional costs for flight changes.

Concur Profile: Confirm/Update Travel Profile

Concur Profile: Activate E-Receipts

Concur Profile: Confirm/Add Travel Arrangers/Delegates

3. Concur Request to Travel / Register Travel

It is important all travel has a fully approved Concur Request prior to the Travel Start Date for Duty of Care (including Insurance Coverage, travel assistance, and emergency evacuation services for international emergencies) regardless of booking method. Insurance enrollment instructions will be provided via email after successfully opening a Travel Request for International Travel.

It is recommended for travelers to start in Concur Request. Travelers may start in Concur Request or Concur Travel Trip Search. If you start in Concur Travel Trip Search, a travel reservation will auto-create a Concur Request that requires you to submit the Concur Request to prevent losing the fare.

Concur Request: Creating and Submitting a Travel Request

Concur Request: Creating and Submitting a Travel Request for a Non-employee 

Each traveler (employee or non-employee) needs to have their own unique Concur Request for the specific trip. Travelers cannot use the same Request ID for different trips. 

Request for International Travel is required at least 3 weeks prior to the departure date. Travel registration submitted less than three weeks before the departure date will require VP approval.

Refer to the Group Travel form for instructions if you are registering a group trip for ten (10+) or more traveling on the exact same trip. Group Travel may include student travelers.


4. Booking a Trip

Concur Travel may be used to book air, hotels, and/or car rentals for yourself or for other employees (must be added as Travel Arranger for the other employee). A Concur Request ID is required prior to Concur Online Booking or Christopherson Business Travel Advisor booking.

Non-Employee Travel may only be purchased by a Utah Employee through Christopherson Business Travel Advisor or directly with the travel supplier(s) or the Non-Employee can procure travel and seek reimbursement after travel is completed for approved expenses that meet policy and regulations.

Student Travel: All U students participating in University-affiliated travel to international locations are required to register their trip(s).

Examples include:

    • U sponsored or affiliated international student programs**
    • Independent research abroad
    • International conferences
    • Internships or service-learning opportunities affiliated with the U
    • Traveling abroad as a member of an ASUU student group or organization

**If you are participating in a Learning Abroad and Eccles Global program, your travel will be registered automatically with the University. You will receive confirmation of travel registration and insurance enrollment in the weeks before their program begins. Questions? Contact Learning Abroad or Eccles Global.

Travel Booking Method Options:

Concur Travel – Online Booking Tool

Booking through Concur Travel provides access to the University’s travel discounts and offers a variety of benefits in conjunction with Christopherson Business Travel.

For complex (multi-leg) flights, it is recommended to contact a Christopherson Business Travel Advisor for assistance instead of using Concur Travel Online Booking Tool.

Concur Travel: Book a Flight 

Concur Travel: Book a Hotel

Concur Travel: Book a Car

Christopherson Business Travel forms are not required for trips booked using the Concur Booking Tool. Concur reservations are auto-ticketed once trip is purchased.

Group Travel cannot be booked through Concur Travel and should be done through a Christopherson Business Travel Advisor.

Reservation changes to a trip booked by Concur Travel or Christopherson Business Travel must be done with a Christopherson Travel Advisor.

Christopherson Business Travel – Travel Advisor Assistance

Submit the Book a Trip Form if booking air, car, and/or hotel. If you are only booking a car and/or hotel submit the Car and Hotel Only form.

Refer to the Group Travel form for instructions if you are registering a group trip for ten (10+) or more traveling on the exact same trip.

A Travel Advisor will email the traveler an on-hold reservation to review and approve for ticketing and then email you the confirmed/ticketed itinerary. The form must be returned to Christopherson Business Travel by the end of the business day to confirm ticketing. Failure to confirm the trip on the same day may result in a higher price or trip cancellation.

Reservation changes to a trip booked by Concur Travel or Christopherson Business Travel must be done with a Christopherson Travel Advisor.

A personal credit card may be used to pay for an airline ticket in place of the UTravel Office card for all fare types except state-contracted pricing. A personal credit card or TCard is not allowed to pay for airfare booked in Concur. Airfare booked in Concur is charged to the UTravel Office card.

Not ready to book just yet? Travelers can submit the Trip Quote Form.

Outside of Concur Travel/Christopherson Business Travel 

Although not recommended by the University, travelers may choose to procure travel reservations outside of the university-contracted travel management company.

The traveler is responsible for adhering to university policy and regulations.

5. Reconciliation of Travel Expenses (TCard) & Submitting Travel Reimbursements (Out of Pocket Expenses) should submit all travel expenses within sixty (60) days of the trip end date. Only business expenses that are in compliance with University Regulations and Rules will be eligible for reimbursement. TCard expenses that are not in compliance are considered personal expenses and will need to be reimbursed to the University.

Concur Expense: Allocating Expenses – Chartfields

Concur Expense: Fixed Travel Allowance (Per Diem)

Concur Expense: Itemizing Expenses – Split Expense Types 

Concur Expense: Itemizing Nightly Lodging Expenses

See Concur Online Training for more.