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Welcome to UTravel Concur!

UTravel Concur is the new, paperless online travel system powered by SAP Concur. Travelers and Travel Arrangers can use Concur to:

    • Submit Requests (for upcoming travel)
    • Make travel reservations (air, car and/or hotel) using the Concur Online Booking Tool or University Travel Agents
    • Upload receipts
    • Submit expense reports for reimbursement

Getting Started
Travelers and Travel Arrangers should:

  • Ensure travel profiles are complete and up-to-date. Profile info can be maintained by the traveler or by a travel arranger. Refer to the Getting Started presentation and the  Navigation and Profile Guide for more info.
  • Provide training info/materials to the travelers in their department. Please refer to the Online Training page for required training For additional training info/guides, refer to the Reference Materials page and FAQ.

Making Travel Reservations
Travelers and Travel Arrangers can make travel reservations on their own, using the Concur Booking Tool, or by working with University Travel Agents.

What is the Concur Booking Tool?
The Concur Booking Tool is built into the University’s Concur site and is located on the Travel tab. It can be used to search for and reserve domestic travel (air, car and/or hotel) as well as international car and/or hotel reservations. *Note: the Concur Booking Tool cannot be used to reserve international flights or for guest travel. Contact University Travel Agents to reserve international flights or to assist with guest travel reservations.

The SAP Concur Mobile App
The power of SAP Concur, all in one app. Here’s how to sign in: Simply tap on “Company Code Sign In” after downloading the Concur Mobile app and enter your company code. Then follow the instructions per your company procedure for single-sign-on.

Company Code: GVRNMW
Alternatively, you can use your Concur username and a Concur Mobile PIN. Click Forgot Concur Mobile PIN in the left-hand menu to reset your existing Concur Mobile PIN.

Travel Arrangers can obtain a Travel Card (TCard). Arrangers with a TCard may reach out to vendors directly to make reservations using their TCard (where accepted). Click here for more info on obtaining a TCard.

Trip Quotes
To obtain a quote, submit the Trip Quote form. A University Travel Agent will contact you with quote info.

Group Trips
For assistance with a group trip, submit the Group Trip form. A University Travel Agent will contact you with reservation info.

Bringing a Guest to the University?

Click here for more info on guest travel and reservation options.

UTravel Frequently Asked Questions

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