Non-employee Travel

The Concur Online Booking Tool cannot be used to make reservations for non-employees. Cash advances are not allowable for non-employees. 

Preferred Option: 

Arrangers with a TCard may reach out to the hotel directly to make reservations using their TCard.   

Alternative Option: 

Onsite Christopherson Business Travel to reserve airfare, hotel, and/or car rental 

If the options above are not able to be used, the non-employee may make their own travel arrangements and seek reimbursement. The non-employee will be reimbursed after travel is completed for approved expenses that meet policy and regulations.  

Bringing a Non-Employee to Campus  

For non-employees coming to visit us, we encourage Travel Arrangers to leverage one of the six university-preferred hotels. The University of Utah has preferred rates with these hotels.  We recommend using your TCard – if you don’t have a TCard submit a TCard application.

Grand America / Little America 

500 S Main Street  

Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 

Contact: Jake Combs | (801) 258-6720 |  

Hampton Inn Foothill 

1345 S Foothill Drive 

Salt Lake City, Utah 84108 

Contact: Nia Malekamu | (801) 889-3273 |   

Hotel Monaco 

15 W 200 S  

Salt Lake City, Utah 84101  

Contact: Jared Tomlinson | (801) 990-9733 | 

University Park Marriott 

480 Wakara Way 

Salt Lake City, Utah 84108 

Contact: Trish Koukoulias | (801) 584-3317 | 

Sheraton Salt Lake City  

150 W 500 S  

Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 

Contact: Jeff Nopper | (801) 401-2000 |  

The University Guest House is also available to book in UShop – Instructions can be found here.