Non-employee Travel

The Concur Online Booking Tool cannot be used to make reservations for non-employees. Cash advances are not allowable for non-employees. 

Preferred Method: 

Use Christopherson Business Travel to reserve airfare, hotel, and/or car rental.

Concur Request: Creating and Submitting a Travel Request for a Non-employee

  1. Get a quote from the agency by submitting the Trip Quote form or email the agency at If you know the flights you want to book, proceed to the Book a Trip form or use the Car/Hotel Only form if airfare is not needed. 
  2. Register the trip in Concur by creating a Request ID on the employee’s Concur account who will manage the trip.
  3. After creating and submitting the Request, submit the Book a Trip form or email the agency with the trip details. The agency will book an on-hold reservation and email it to the travel arranger to review and approve. 
    Concur does not send the agency information to book the trip after the Request is created. 
  4. If the on-hold reservation is accurate, the final step is to submit the Confirm a Trip form which authorizes the agency to issue the ticket. Failure to submit the form by the end of the day may result in trip cancellation. The agency will issue the ticket once the form is received and email it to the travel arranger. 
Please Note: Nonemployee travel cannot be booked using the online Concur Booking Tool and is only used for nonemployee travel to register the trip (Request ID) and to do the expense report when the trip is completed.

Bringing a Non-Employee to Campus  


For non-employees coming to visit us, we encourage Travel Arrangers to leverage one of the six university-preferred hotels. The University of Utah has preferred rates with these hotels.  We recommend using your TCard – if you don’t have a TCard submit a TCard application.

University Guest House

110 Fort Douglas Blvd

Salt Lake City, UT 84113

University Guest House Homepage

Note: The University Guest House cannot be booked by the travel agency and must be booked directly with the property via UShop – Instructions can be found here. 

Grand America / Little America 

500 S Main Street  

Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 

Contact: Jake Combs | (801) 258-6720 |  

Hampton Inn Foothill 

1345 S Foothill Drive 

Salt Lake City, Utah 84108 

Contact: Nia Malekamu | (801) 889-3273 |   

Hotel Monaco 

15 W 200 S  

Salt Lake City, Utah 84101  

Contact: Jared Tomlinson | (801) 990-9733 | 

University Park Marriott 

480 Wakara Way 

Salt Lake City, Utah 84108 

Contact: Trish Koukoulias | (801) 584-3317 | 

Sheraton Salt Lake City  

150 W 500 S  

Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 

Contact: Jeff Nopper | (801) 401-2000 | 

Car Rentals

University employees should use the contracted car rental agencies for University-related trips. Car Rental Contracts