How Can I Save Time & Upload a PDF to Step 2?

Travel planners: You have the option to streamline the Step 2 airfare reservation process by uploading airfare quotes directly to our agents.

Our agents will verify attached quotes to determine whether your choice is available for purchase as a refundable ticket or if your itinerary qualifies for other available discounts.  If we are able to discount a ticket, you will see a lower price once the ticket is confirmed. (after a Step 3 submission)

This upload option only works with PDF files – so to produce a PDF, you will click File -> Print -> Save As PDF in your browser, when shopping online for airfare.


You have identified your ideal itinerary: You have come to a Trip Summary screen – or some other screen which shows the full itinerary, dates and price, see example here.

Save your web page as a PDF to your local machine: Click File -> Print -> Save As PDF (this process will vary slightly by browser).

Attach the saved PDF to your Step 2 submission: Use the “Browse” button to upload your itinerary to the Travel System.

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