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Are you ready for Paperless Payroll Advices and EBT Reports?

This is a reminder that the last payroll advices will be printed on October 22, 2009. Human Resources will stop printing these advices for the November 6, 2009 payroll processing. Pay Advices can be viewed on the Campus Information System (CIS) by navigating … Continue reading


Changes and Instructions to PAN Form

Please click on this link (https://www.admin.utah.edu/facdev/pdf/PAN-changes.pdf) to read about some recent changes to the PAN form.

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Check Advice Roster

The Payroll Department is pleased to announce that all Campus and Hospital Departments are now able to view their Check and Advice Rosters online. To access this function log into the Campus Information System at: https://gate.acs.utah.edu. Click on employee tab … Continue reading

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WEB PAN Distributions — Quick Tip

Entering 0 (zero) in the distribution percentage will flag the distribution line as “to be deleted”. The distribution line will be deleted when you click the confirm button. Many people have reported a missing confirm button when using this WEB … Continue reading

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WEB PAN Distributions

Historically, WEB Pan Distribution restricted you to only changing distributions for employees in your department to funding sources in your department. This restriction required that you submit a paper PAN form to change the distribution for an employee to be … Continue reading

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Filtering in D-JOBS

Many have asked for additional “filtering” functionality when listing out all the jobs in your department. (Note: The functionality to list all jobs that have changed within the current (and previous) pay period became available last month. This filter is … Continue reading

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D-Jobs Updated

Department Job Summary (D-Jobs) has been improved! As announced last month, you can now get a list of all the jobs that have changed during the current (and previous) pay periods by clicking the “Show Changes” button. Once the list … Continue reading

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D-Jobs Enhancements (updated 3/14/06)

Some new features have been added to the Department Job Summary (D-Jobs) WEB application. Show Changes button – Displays jobs where at least one change has occurred during the date range displayed in the heading. Uses today’s date and the … Continue reading

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Temporary SSN Process

Payroll Accounting Process for Issuing Temporary Working Numbers for Employees Without SSNs The University may hire an employee who does not yet have a Social Security Number (SSN). Typically, such employees are nonresident alien (NRA) visitors. Internal Revenue Regulations require … Continue reading

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Turn-Around PAN’s

Whenever PAN data changes for one of the employees in your home department, a “Turn-Around” PAN form is printed and mailed. This process occurs each pay period throughout the fiscal year. Home Departments may now request to not receive this … Continue reading

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