Welcome to UTravel & Reimbursement Services!

We facilitate university travel and reimbursements of all types (employee, non-employee, guest/group travel, etc.). The university uses two systems where reimbursements can be submitted, processed, and paid: UTravel Concur and ePayment Request. The system used to submit information depends upon which type of reimbursement is to be issued.

UTravel Concur

  • Used by University Employees with access 
  • Register a non-employee or employee trip using Request 
  • Book employee Travel (air, car, and/or hotel) using Concur Online Booking Tool 
  • Upload and manage travel receipts  
  • Reconciliation of Travel Card (TCard)  
  • Submit Expense Reports for travel reimbursements  
  • For more information visit the UTravel homepage

ePayment Request

  • Reimburse employees for non-travel-related expenses  
  • Reimburse non-employees 
  • Pay a hotel or conference registration fee
    • TCard preferred
  • For more information visit the ePR homepage

UTravelePR – electronic Payment RequestTravel Card

Policy 3-010: Expenditure of University Funds & Personal Reimbursements  |  Policy 3-030: Travel Policy