Filtering in D-JOBS

Many have asked for additional “filtering” functionality when listing out all the jobs in your department. (Note: The functionality to list all jobs that have changed within the current (and previous) pay period became available last month. This filter is applied by clicking the “Show Changes” button.)

You will notice the addition of “check boxes” on each job line and a new “Show Selected” button. This button, used in conjunction with the check boxes, will filter the current job list, allowing you to view the job(s) you may be interested in. From this selected list you may review, download to excel, or print all associated PAN forms using the Print PAN(s) link.

Watch for additional filtering functionality in the future!

Some of you have asked why, when printing a single PAN (using the P link) or multiple PANs (using the Print PAN(s) link), there are blank pages. The PAN form is a two-page form to accommodate academic information on the back of the Faculty PAN. (Hint: You can instruct ADOBE to only print the front page of each PAN by selecting “Odd pages only” in the subset dropdown.)