Check Advice Roster

The Payroll Department is pleased to announce that all Campus and Hospital Departments are now able to view their Check and Advice Rosters online. To access this function log into the Campus Information System at: Click on employee tab and scroll down to Payroll Reporters Section. Click on Check Advice Roster, and click on the 01/15/07 date to see the current Roster. Also available are Check and Advice Rosters from 07/15/06 – 12/31/06. Since this feature is now available online the Payroll Department will discontinue printing the paper roster and sending them with your Checks and Advices effective 01/31/07 pay period.All payroll reporters have been given access to this online feature. If you find that you do not have access please fill out the PAN WEB portion on the security form at: If you have any questions about the security form please contact Paul DeRose at 585-7597.If you have any questions about the online Check and Advice Roster please contact the payroll office at 581-7873. Check Advice Roster