D-Jobs Enhancements (updated 3/14/06)

Some new features have been added to the Department Job Summary (D-Jobs) WEB application.

  • Show Changes button – Displays jobs where at least one change has occurred during the date range displayed in the heading. Uses today’s date and the Pay Period Radio Buttons to determine the begin date. This date is the date of the change and is not necessarily the effective date. This is the same criteria that has always been used to generate the turn-around PAN forms.
  • Search by Home Department – Allows the list to be generated by Home Department. Note: If you wish to switch from/to Home Department “mode” to/from Reporting Department “mode”, you must return to the department search page and switch modes.
  • Added ABA (Annualized Base Amount) – Display the ABA with minor reordering of the columns.

Coming Soon

  • Print PAN(s) button – This will allow a “View PAN” PDF to be genereated for all the jobs displayed as a result of the Show Changes button.

For a summary of the purpose and features of D-Jobs, see the previous FS News post by clicking here.