Accounting Month Closed for December 2023-You may now review your Management Reports in EOR

The most recent accounting month is now closed. Your Management Reports are complete and ready for your review. For most departments/units, review and approval should follow the steps outlined in this memo. Some departments/units have alternate procedures in place to accomplish review and approval. Check with your unit’s accountant and/or the liaison listed at the bottom of your Management Report if you have questions about review and approval.

To proceed, please check both your PROJECTS and ACTIVITIES.

TO MAKE CHANGES, correct errors, etc.: Contact your departmental administrator as soon as possible (e.g. to prevent delay in posting your changes, please do not wait for the PAR forms).

MARK the Projects/Activities you have reviewed. (This does not necessarily indicate the transactions are correct, only that you reviewed them). There are only two approved methods to indicate Evidence of Review, and both are completed using the EOR web application

  1. Select reviewed activities/projects, and click button “Mark Reviewed,”
  2. Select reviewed activities/projects, and click button “Indicate Review PDF.”

Either action leaves a data indicator that review is complete. Signed review PDFs should be retained in your files for as long as you retain other Management Report documentation.

A new Guideline has been published to offer clarification to Policy 3-003: Authorizations and Approvals Required for Financial Transactions.

This Guideline is meant to improve internal controls across campus as it outlines:

  1. Account Executives (AEs) and PIs remain primarily responsible for monthly review of their Management Report and submission of EOR (Evidence of Review) – even if they have chosen to delegate this authority.
  2. This responsibility cannot be delegated to an individual who also has the authority to initiate financial transactions.
  3. GFA (Granting Financial Authority) is an application found on CIS that has been recently enhanced to allow AEs and PIs to make separate delegations for financial transaction approval and Management Report Review. (Follow these instructions to delegate authority)

Review and approval of these monthly reports is a key element in the University’s system of internal controls, and is further explained in University Policy 3-003, Authorizations and Approvals Required for Financial Transactions. – See Section III.F.

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