FS Communication

Financial & Business Services values communication, and we want to connect with you.  Following are all the ways we reach out to our customers and welcome feedback:

Button Icons to Connect with U:

Ask UsFS is interested in your questions, suggestions and feedback, look for this button, or our “Ask Us” links on each page.
TwitterNews and blog posts as well as relevant retweets will be sent to our Twitter followers.
BlogBlogs are available for various FS groups or topics.  You can also find blogs on the gold bar.
Report Issues with Financial Web ApplicationsReporting problems with Financial Applications is just a click away. Just look for the lifesaver icon on many pages of the website.
Share Your IdeasYour ideas are important to us, click on the Share Ideas link to tell us what you think.
FS TIPThe FS tip icon is used to highlight useful information that will make your job easier.
Cost SavingsThis icon denotes cost saving strategies.
FS Express SearchWhen you see this icon, use FS Express Search to get quick content on any FS topic!
DownloadDownload documents.
LinksFind associated links.
CalculatorFS has developed calculators to help our customers get the answers they need.
CalendarFS Calendars contain important events and dates for University Business Officers.

Web Page Features for U

These pages are always a click away from the gold bar in the header:

  • HOME – Organized to help students, business officers, or others to find what they need.
  • BLOGS – Discussion groups for various functions or departments within FS.
  • CALENDARS – The calendars contains important dates for Financial & Business Services. Deadlines, due dates, training classes, BPAG dates and more.
  • DEPARTMENTS – This list contains links to all FS departments.
  • FORMS – FS Forms are listed both alphabetically or by department.
  • NEWS – All FS News articles are just a click away. A comment feature is available to add your comments to the news. The News posts are searchable by department or by entering a word in the “Search Box”
  • Each department has “News” items applicable to their department at the bottom of the left sidebar.
  • RESOURCES – Need more information? Learn about FS on the following links:
    • CIS – CAMPUS INFORMATION SYSTEM – login for secure FS applications.
    • HELP – This page provides help documentation for CIS based Financial Web Applications. This can also be used for training.
    • INDEX – The Index is like a Wikipedia or a glossary of all things FS. Short discussions of over 200 topics, terms, procedures or other concepts are organized alphabetically and linked to all useful information from one launching point.
    • LINKS
    • REGULATIONS – Rules, guidelines and procedures issued by FS are listed here for your reference
    • SITE MAP
  • TRAINING – Various Training opportunities are offered or supported by the Financial & Business Services Training Department. You can access training classes here.
  • TUITION – links to Tuition Tables and Tuition Estimator.
  • Ask Us – Each department has an “Ask Us” link that allows you to submit a question to that department.
  • Contact Us – Telephone and email contact information is also available for each of the departments.

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