Associate Vice President’s Office

Mission Statement

The mission of Financial Services is to facilitate accountability of institutional funds and other assets entrusted to the University of Utah – through the application of stewardship principles, sound business practices and professional standards pertaining to the financial resources and operations of the institution. This facilitation is enabled by our emphasis on customer service in providing:

  • Leadership in developing and implementing policies, practices and procedures that will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of University business operations;
  • Financial information and reporting to a variety of external constituencies – including legislators, regents, trustees, governmental agencies, rating agencies, auditors, creditors, grantors, donors, and others who are invested as stakeholders in the financial activity and health of the University; and
  • Education, assistance, and support to the various colleges, departments, and other operating units within the University regarding the principles and benefits of good financial stewardship – to ensure the stability, security, and integrity of the University’s financial systems, resources, operations, information, and accounts.

Vision Statement

Financial Services views itself as an organization of competent and caring professionals who:

  • take personal ownership in finding answers to questions and solutions to problems; and
  • are innovative, resourceful, collaborative, and helpful in facilitating stewardship and accountability of the institution’s financial resources.

We continuously seek to be recognized as such by the campus community and external stakeholders – who utilize our services with confidence, and trust our ability to assist them in a timely and accurate manner in carrying out the overall mission of the University.

Values Statement

  • We value a culture of accountability, a spirit of transparency, and people of integrity committed to doing the right thing.
  • We strive to improve efficiencies and employ good business practices in our own operations, and encourage and facilitate members of the campus community in doing likewise.
  • We value input from those we serve, and recognize the importance of active listening, timely learning, and continuously improving.
  • We value employees who have initiative, insight, and an ability to understand the larger environment in which we work – and its needs.
  • We place a high level of importance on the spirit of teamwork and cooperation in helping fellow employees in the organization to reach their goals and objectives.
  • We value effective, timely, and friendly communication, both internally and externally; and model respect and civility in our communications with others.
  • We strive for accuracy, thoroughness, and quality in our work product; and exhibit personal responsibility, dependability, and professionalism in our work performance.
  • We strive for a pleasant and productive workplace environment – where employees get personal enjoyment from their accomplishments, from their associations with coworkers, and from the physical conditions in which their work is carried out.