Reminder: Surplus and Salvage Pick Up Timelines

University Surplus and Salvage wants to remind departments of surplus order pick up timelines:

Pickup truck sized orders are the fastest to schedule for pick up and are usually completed within one week as Surplus typically has 15 to 30 pending orders at any one time. PLEASE NOTE: Larger orders may take up to three weeks to complete.

The size and quantity of the orders ahead of your work order will dictate the speed of completion. On average, Surplus picks up 5,000 pieces of property per month, or an equivalent of 3 to 5 household loads of property each day. Many departments expect that their order will be picked up within couple of days, but this is not always possible. Guaranteed next day pickup is not available due to the limited number of trucks, limited number of personnel and prior orders.

This reminder is being sent at this time in anticipation of the scheduled tear down of Milton Bennion Hall and many other department moves planned during the December break and throughout the Spring Semester. The upcoming months will be an extremely busy time for Surplus. If a department has an emergency order they can always use the Heavy Equipment and Moving Department to deliver the property to Surplus or University contracted movers.

To schedule a surplus order pick up, complete a work order request on the Surplus website.