Coming December 2016: Electronic Payment Request (ePR)

FS is excited to announce another step toward our objective to eliminate paper-based processes…

We have been hard at work in conjunction with UIT developers to design and build a new application we will call “ePR,” as it is an online, electronic Payment Request system.

Beginning Spring Semester, ePR will be used by all our users to replace all payments currently initiated with the paper Payment Request. This new application will be accessed from within UShop, and will compliment the efficient procurement processes available through the marketplace. ePR payments will use electronic workflow steps and notifications similar to UShop transactions and will also allow easy online submission of supporting documents.

We plan to release three initial payment types (Employee Reimbursement, Non-employee Reimbursement, and Direct Payment), each of which will utilize the least number of workflow steps as possible for the given payment type. Eventually, the “Direct Payment” payment type will be further refined to simplify other processes, such as: Honorariums, Guest Lecturer Payments, License Renewals, etc.

More information regarding implementation dates, access and training will follow as the release date draws near. Users are encouraged to continue use of the NoPO form within UShop, or the paper Payment Request form until they gain access to the new ePR application.

Once we finalize ePR implementation strategies, Accounts Payable will publish a date after which paper forms will no longer be processed.