PAM Update – Closeouts, Billings and AR

We need your valuable assistance and cooperation to timely process sponsored research billings and close outs. We know that you, too, have identified certain critical projects requiring GCA staff actions.

The Project Administration and Management (“PAM”) initiative has been implemented on campus. Huron Consultants continue their help with certain aspects of our day-to-day Grants and Contracts (“GCA”) operations and administration. The recent conversion to the new system modules resulted in a backlog of: a) billing / invoices (574 items) that need to be processed and sent to sponsors; b) 1,305 projects that need to be finalized / closed out; and c) 1,247 Accounts Receivable entries that must be managed and collected. This backlog is in addition to the ongoing work in the GCA offices.

The goal for the GCA staff and the Huron Consultants is to have the majority of the backlog work completed by the end of August 2013. When the GCA staff or one of the Huron consultants (Kevin Cook, Brooke Weitz, Melissa Trask, Kevin Kamusoko or Andrew Merki) contact you during the coming months (June, July and August), please provide your prompt assistance and/or information pertaining to your applicable sponsored project(s). Your timely responses to their reasonable requests for information will maximize the value of these additional Huron resources and will keep their effort moving forward and on schedule.

If you have an immediate need to address a billing or close out, please contact Sally Petersen, Assistant Manager – GCA, at . Sally and/or the applicable GCA Grants Accounting Officer will normally respond to your request within two (2) business days.

Ask UsIf you have any questions, please contact Bob Turner, Manager – Grants & Contracts Accounting at .