The Project Administration and Management (PAM) project was a campus initiative to review and implement post-award accounting and management tools available to researchers, staff, and administrators with the primary goal of dramatically decreasing the administrative burden on researchers, specifically, the PAM initiative goals were to:

  1. Provide high quality support to researchers
  2. Facilitate and enable the growth of research
  3. Evoke a culture of compliance
  4. Establish a means for accurate decision-making

WHY was it needed?

The University of Utah (Utah) secured over $450 million dollars in sponsored award funding in fiscal year 2010 and has approximately 3,200 active awards from federal, non-federal and industry sponsors. Additionally, Utah has seen an incredible increase in award expenditures – a 52% increase since fiscal year 2006 – but the infrastructure and support such growth needs to be updated.

When was it completed?

The Project Administration and Management project was completed in December 2012. Grants & Contracts Accounting and The Office of Sponsored Projects are now using the new Grants modules created during the roject Administration and Management project. More information about this project can be found in FBS News and the Momentum Newsletter.

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