New Rules: Travel Per Diem and Equipment Leasing

The following two Rules have been approved.  Read below for implementation dates and a brief description of changes.  Please circulate this information to appropriate persons in your area.

NOTE: Administrative Rules carry a level of import that requires considering them more than just good suggestions or advice. They are authoritative documents and are meant to be followed.

Rule R3-030C: Travel Per Diem (Meals & Incidentals)

Implementation: March 1, 2011

  • Beginning March 1, 2011, per diem reimbursements will be provided for only those meals for which a University traveler actually incurred out-0f-pocket costs.  In other words, if a meal is provided to our travelers by any outside source, the estimated value of that meal should be deducted from the per diem allowance.  Please refer to federal tables, linked from the Travel website for specific Meal & Incidental Expense breakdownRead full Rule here.
  • Travel Services will implement changes to the Reimbursement process to assist departments in clearly reporting per diem requests and appropriate adjustments to the meal allowance.

Rule R3-110A: Equipment Leasing

Implementation: Immediately

  • This Rule details requirements for entering into equipment leasing contracts, which includes approval from the cognizant VP.  Departments should also consult with  Purchasing prior to entering into any equipment leasing agreement.  Read full Rule here.

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