Audit News – State Auditors’ Fieldwork

The State auditors will begin their fieldwork testing on student financial aid beginning this month (February).  Because the audit will encompass all Utah colleges and universities, we do not have specific dates for which they will be on the University of Utah campus for testing.  Testing for this aspect of the audit is scheduled from February through early May for all State colleges and universities.  This year’s audit team includes Scott Parke, Travis Lansing, and Jamie Sorenson.

The interim fieldwork for the financial report and the A133 Single Audit will begin the week of May 9th and run through approximately mid-July.  This year’s audit team will include Stephen Marshall, Travis Lansing, Rebekka Wilkinson, Rebecca Gillis, and Melanie Henderson.

This year, we have a new audit supervisor  – Stephen Marshall.  Hollie Andrus has rotated off the UofU engagement and will be working with other State audits.  If you have questions regarding the audit,  please Ask Us! Ask Us
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