The Payroll EBT Reports GO GREEN

The suite of Earning, Benefit and Tax Reports in the Financial and Human Resources Information Library (FIL/HRIL) has been enhanced with new offerings and renaming of existing reports, paving the way for the Peach (Home Dept), Pink (Project), and Blue (Activity) EBT Reports to GO GREEN. The suite, available in the renamed PAYROLL REPTS folder, offers the following reports:

  • EBTemployer-paid Earning, Benefit and Tax detail with summary options
  • Encumbrancetotal Fiscal Year-To-Date Earnings, Remaining Encumbrance amount, and Distribution data

Good Reads: the Payroll Reports overview, more about FIL/HRIL, each report’s Details (links above and on the FIL/HRIL report parameters page) and previous news posts related to this rollout: Are you ready for Paperless Payroll Advices and EBT Reports and Paperless EBT Reports Date Correction. Contact HR/Payroll at with questions.

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