Financial & Human Resources Information Library


The Financial & Human Resources Information Library is a web application that contains a variety of financial and human resources data extracts (queries) authorized users can run and download to Excel. The Library can be accessed from the Campus Information System (CIS) using either the F&BS pagelet Financial Information Library link or the HR Management pagelet Human Resources Information Library link.

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Navigation to Financial & Human Resources Information Library

  • Log in to CIS
  • Financial & Business Services pagelet
  • Financial & Human Resources Information Library


  • There are two ways to browse through available Queries–from the Folders or List tab:
    • The Folders tab displays Queries by category, organizing the Queries into folders.
    • The List tab displays Queries in a table that can be sorted by Folder and/or Query Name, and provides additional search capabilities.


  • Getting information about each Query–each Query is supplemented with documentation (just click the information) that includes:
    • An overview of information included (or excluded) in the data extract
    • Any pertinent notes about the data
    • More detail about what to enter in the input parameters
    • Security Authorization required to run the Query (and how to request authorization)
    • Who to contact for questions, feedback or support
  • Running a Query
    • You can only run Queries in which you have appropriate security authorization. You will see all published Queries, but Queries you have access to will display in a regular, bold font. Queries you do not have access to will display in an italic, non-bold font:


    • Click on the Query Name to open the parameters page
    • Enter values in the prompt fields then click the Get Results button
      • Required fields are denoted by an asterisk(*)
      • Most queries require security authorization to a Chartfield or Department ID and you will not be able to get results if you are not authorized for the value entered.
      • Queries expected to return a very large number of results may take several minutes to run, and may return no results at all if the output exceeds application limits. If this occurs, you may try revising the parameters to return a smaller set of data.

Financial Queries

Financial queries are available in these Information Library folders. Click the folder name below to see the list of Financial Queries published to the Folder:

Other Resources The Financial & Business Services Index and Glossary has information about the Financial & Human Resources Information Library:


Accounts Payable

Activity Repts



Claim on Cash

Curr Employees


EDR Reports

Endowment Repts

Effort Reporting

Evidence of Review


Fiscal Year End

Granting Financial Authority


Payroll Repts

The suite of EBT (Earning, Benefit and Tax) Reports are available in the PAYROLL REPTS folder. The two reports currently available are:

  • EBTemployer-paid Earning, Benefit and Tax detail with summary options.
  • Encumbrancetotal Fiscal Year-To-Date Earnings, Remaining Encumbrance amount, and Distribution data.

Published to the Information Library are several versions of each report, offering essentially two different ways to look at Payroll data…from a funding driven perspective (i.e. here is my Activity, show me the payroll transactions against it), or a people driven perspective (i.e. here are the people in my Home Department, show me where their pay is funded):

Funding Driven Reportsrequire Financial Payroll E/B/T Security Authorization for the specified Chartfield(s)

  • by BU 01 Activity/Project Org returns results for all Activities and Projects in a specified BU 01 Financial Org.
  • by BU 01 Activityreturns results for a specified BU 01 or 04 Activity.
  • by BU 01 Activity Org returns results for all Activities in a specified BU 01 or 04 Financial Org.
  • by BU 01 Project returns results for a specified BU 01 Project.
  • by BU 01 Project Org returns results for all Projects in a specified BU 01 Financial Org. Available to users with security authorization for the specified Org or Fund 5000 for the Org.
  • by BU 02 Org returns results for a specified BU 02 or 03 Financial Org.
  • by BU 02 Org w/ Rollup option to return results for a specified BU 02 or 03 Financial Org and all Orgs that Report To the specified Org.

People Driven Reportsrequire HR HRIL Reporter or D-Jobs Security Authorization for the specified DeptID

  • by HR Home Departmentreturns complete payroll data for all employees in a single Home Department.




Notes: If your information extract returns more than 100 rows there will be a link entitled View All above your information extract results header. If you intend to download your results to Microsoft Excel, there is no need to click this link as your excel spreadsheet will contain all results by default. If upon click of View Results you receive the message No matching values were found, it is either because you don’t have security access to the information extract or you provided invalid criteria. Additional information extracts will be available in the coming months.