Paperless EBT Reports Date Correction

In a previous news post, Are you ready for Paperless Payroll Advices and EBT Reports?, we announced the EBT reports would be available online only beginning with the November 15th Pay Period. In fact, the October 15th Pay Period will be the last period with paper EBT Report distribution, scheduled to be delivered this week. Beginning with the October 31st Pay Period, the EBT Reports will only be available online.

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2 Responses to Paperless EBT Reports Date Correction

  1. NJ says:

    I’m all for paperless but we have one concern. If we run the report by Home Dept it won’t show us charges made by employees outside of our home dept that are charging to our projects. We need to know who is charging time to our projects. With approx 100 open projects it will be extremely time consuming if I have to enter one project number at a time to get a report. Can we get a report by Org Id so anyone charged to our projects will be reflected? We can then sort by project or however we need to.

  2. Rebecca Baggett says:

    Several new EBT reports are scheduled to be rolled out this week, including one that provides for running a single query to return EBT information for all Projects within a Financial Org, and another for all Activities within a Financial Org. Stay tuned for a news post announcing the release of these new versions.

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