Are you ready for Paperless Payroll Advices and EBT Reports?

This is a reminder that the last payroll advices will be printed on October 22, 2009. Human Resources will stop printing these advices for the November 6, 2009 payroll processing. Pay Advices can be viewed on the Campus Information System (CIS) by navigating to the Payroll, Taxes and Salary link found in the My Human Resources/Payroll pagelet.

In addition, Payroll Earnings, Benefits, and Taxes (EBT) Reports will only be available online beginning with the November 15th Pay Period reports. The online reports are already accessible from the Financial and Human Resources Information Library (FIL/HRIL) in CIS. Those who have not received FIL/HRIL training may sign up for the class here. With online reporting, users must now be pre-authorized to view EBT data. Many of you likely already have the appropriate security authorization, but some of you may not. You should secure the appropriate security access in preparation for this deadline and in advance of attending FIL/HRIL training.

To verify your access you may log onto the CIS and navigate to either the Human Resources Information Library link found in the Human Resource Management pagelet or the Financial Information Library link found in the Financial & Business Services pagelet. Go to the EBT REPORTS (soon to be renamed PAYROLL REPTS) folder and attempt to run the report(s) you need. The reports currently available are:

  • EBT by Activity
  • EBT by Emplid (Home Dept security driven)
  • EBT by Home Dept
  • EBT by Project

Several more Payroll Reports will be coming online soon, watch for news announcing additional offerings in the coming weeks.

You do not have appropriate security access to view EBT’s online if:

  • you get a Security Authorization error when you try to open the Information Library application, or
  • you do not see the EBT FOLDER or the report you need within the folder, or
  • you see the EBT Report you need, but get an error when you attempt to enter in your department or chartfield #

If you determine you need to gain security authorization and you need to see…

If you have any questions, feel free to   Ask US

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4 Responses to Are you ready for Paperless Payroll Advices and EBT Reports?

  1. md says:

    Your information is unclear, it seems I need to understand how the system works before I can understand it. I’m not clear on how I will be able to see my earnings and deductions statements online. Does everyone need a special code for security access? How do I get this access? And what is FIL/HRIL training? Do I need it as a faculty member? Is that how I get access to my payroll information?

  2. rl says:

    Is training now required for online EBT access? There are a number of people in my dept who have or will be sending in authorization requests but it doesn’t look like the training is very relevant to what they will be doing. I have gone through the various HRIL reports and ways to filter with them. Is this sufficient?

  3. Rebecca Baggett says:

    Employees do not need new or additional security authorization to view their own paycheck information. You may review your own paycheck (pay advice) as described in the first paragraph of this post.

    Employees with administrative responsibilities that require them to view Earning, Benefit and Tax information for a full Department, funding Activity, funding Project, or funding BU 02/03 Org will need additional pre-authorization to access the online reports in the Financial and Human Resources Information Library application (FIL/HRIL). The bulk of this post describes how to verify if you already have access, and if not, how to request the authorization. If you are in this category and are not familiar with the FIL/HRIL application, it is recommended you sign up for the training mentioned in this post.

  4. Rebecca Baggett says:

    FIL/HRIL training is not required, but is offered for those who are interested.

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