Grants & Contracts Accounting

Grants & Contracts Accounting

201 S Presidents Circle Rm. 406 Park Building

Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9020

Telephone (801) 581-7343

Fax (801) 581-5835

Mission Statement

  • To provide responsible fiscal management of grants and contracts in an efficient and caring manner while acting as an advocate for the faculty and staff of the University of Utah.


  • We properly maintain accounts and process fiscal transactions quickly and precisely in order to generate timely and accurate financial reports.
  • We know and professionally apply federal and state regulations and University policies and procedures. We provide customer assistance in all related areas which make up the financial management system.
  • We provide fiscal service and support by helping our customers comply with applicable regulations. We strive to minimize the administrative burdens of faculty and staff through appropriately flexible interpretation of regulations.
  • We care about the kind of service we provide. We listen and respond to needs and concerns in a considerate, attentive and understanding manner.

Expenditures by Year

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