Surplus Property Building, North View

Notice: The department is closed July 6, 2017, 11:00 A.M. to 1:30 P.M.

Surplus Property Listing (click to open PDF file)

Vehicles & Online Auctions
University surplus property for online auction at

University Surplus & Salvage sales (sale discounts) are based on the public sale date and the marked price of property for sale in the Surplus warehouse. The public sales date is, usually, on the price tag of property for sale in the Surplus warehouse. Sales are per the “Sale Schedule” below. 

Excluded from sales (sale discounts) are vehicles, items marked for bid, items listed for bid online, items listed for auction online, property priced more than $2,000, or property without dates.

University Surplus & Salvage reserves the right to verify the price and the availability of property for sale.

Sale Schedule:
Property dated April 30, 2017 or earlier:
20% off between Jun 05, 2017 — Jun 09, 2017
40% off between Jun 12, 2017 — Jun 16, 2017
60% off between Jun 19, 2017 — Jun 23, 2017
80% off between Jun 26, 2017 — Jun 30, 2017

Property dated May 31, 2017 or earlier:
20% off between Jul 03, 2017 — Jul 03, 2017
20% off between Jul 05, 2017 — Jul 07, 2017
40% off between Jul 10, 2017 — Jul 14, 2017
60% off between Jul 17, 2017 — Jul 21, 2017
80% off between Jul 25, 2017 — Jul 28, 2017

Sale prices are only good during advertised

Please check the sale dates so you do not miss
out on sale prices.

University Surplus & Salvage

What We Do

The University Surplus and Salvage Department (Surplus) receives and sells University of Utah surplus property. Surplus is also part of the sustainability efforts on campus. Surplus gathers and processes metals, electronic waste and other end of life property and sends it to downstream markets per University of Utah recycling and disposal requirements.

Education and Government Have First Choice

Surplus property is offered to federal agencies, state agencies, University departments, and public education institutions first, then to the public. Federal, State, and Public Education agencies may purchase surplus property as soon as it is displayed in the surplus warehouse. Direct methods of government payment are required. Cash and personal funds are not considered direct methods of payment.

Property Available for Public Sale after 15 Days

The public, University employees and students are welcome to purchase surplus property after the government surplus cycle (Utah Code 63A-2-402) expires. Presently this cycle is fifteen days.

Where Property Can Be Viewed

Most surplus property is displayed and available for inspection in building 627. Please come and explore the three floors of surplus equipment in our historic building. The building was once part of Fort Douglas and it is located among University of Utah Student Housing.

Surplus and Salvage Topics

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Surplus Property Building, South View
Hours: 8:00 A.M. MT to 5:30 P.M. MT Monday-Friday, Closed on holidays observed by the University.  Doors locked five (5) minutes before stated closing time.