Be PreparedAre you planning field trips, activities, or events with your class or group? If so, plan ahead for special requirements, hazards, approvals, accommodations, liability waivers, equipment needs, transportation requirements and emergencies. A field trip guideline checklist and approved liability waiver form can be accessed at Risk & Insurance Services.

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View Paycheck & Check/Advice Roster

The Payroll Processing for the April 20th, 2018 paycheck is completed, and the paycheck information is available on Campus Information Services.

  1. Signon to the CIS and click the Employee dropdown (if it is not your default tab).
  2. Click the Payroll, Taxes and Salary tile.
  3. Click View Paycheck and you will see your current check.
  4. Click W-4 Tax Information and you can view/update your W-4 Tax Information.
  5. Click Direct Deposit and you can view or edit your direct deposit accounts, or suppress the printing of your direct deposit advice.

Please remember if your net pay is being direct deposited, it will not be in your bank account until NOON on April 20, 2018. If you receive a check, the University will mail it to your home address on file.

Payroll Reports: For more information about how to view your Check and Advice Roster please see the FBS News Post – Check Advice Roster

Important Information

All Payroll self-service functions are turned off during payroll processing, which begins on the final day of the pay period at 5:00 PM and ends on payday.

If you have further questions please call Payroll at 581-7873.

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The U’s auto liability insurer, State Division of Risk Management mandates online driver training programs for all persons who drive personal, rental or university-owned vehicles on U business.

All employees, students or volunteers who operate any vehicle on U business, both as an essential part of their job function or on an occasional basis, must take this interactive training and a short test prior to the first time driving, every two years thereafter and following any preventable accident.

Please refer to the University Risk & Insurance Services (URIS) website for additional information about vehicle training programs and instruction.

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Accounting Month Closed for March 2018-You may now review your Management Reports in EOR

The most recent accounting month is now closed. Your Management Reports are complete and ready for your review. For most departments/units, review and approval should follow the steps outlined in this memo. Some departments/units have alternate procedures in place to accomplish review and approval. Check with your unit’s accountant and/or the liaison listed at the bottom of your Management Report if you have questions about review and approval.

A new Guideline has been published to offer clarification to Policy 3-003: Authorizations and Approvals Required for Financial Transactions.

This Guideline is meant to improve internal controls across campus as it outlines:

  1. Account Executives (AEs) and PIs remain primarily responsible for monthly review of their Management Report and submission of EOR (Evidence of Review) – even if they have chosen to delegate this authority.
  2. This responsibility cannot be delegated to an individual who also has the authority to initiate financial transactions.
  3. GFA (Granting Financial Authority) is an application found on CIS that has been recently enhanced to allow AEs and PIs to make separate delegations for financial transaction approval and Management Report Review. (Follow these instructions to delegate authority)

To proceed, please check both your PROJECTS and ACTIVITIES.

TO MAKE CHANGES, correct errors, etc.: Contact your departmental administrator as soon as possible (e.g. to prevent delay in posting your changes, please do not wait for the PAR forms).

MARK the Projects/Activities you have reviewed. (This does not necessarily indicate the transactions are correct, only that you reviewed them). There are only two approved methods to indicate Evidence of Review, and both are completed using the EOR web application

  1. Select reviewed activities/projects, and click button “Mark Reviewed,”
  2. Sselect reviewed activities/projects, and click button “Indicate Review PDF.”

Either action leaves a data indicator that review is complete. Signed review PDFs should be retained in your files for as long as you retain other Management Report documentation. Click here for a quick online EOR tutorial.

Review and approval of these monthly reports is a key element in the University’s system of internal controls, and is further explained in University Policy 3-003, Authorizations and Approvals Required for Financial Transactions. – See Section III.F.

Please help us by providing feedback by clicking here.

Ask UsPlease ASK US if you have any questions.

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CartAn increased number of utility and golf carts are sharing campus walkways with pedestrians, bicycles, skateboards and vehicles (see Policy 3-233: Operation of Motorized Vehicles on Pedestrian Walks). To promote the prudent operation of the carts, U Risk & Insurance Services developed guidelines addressing operator qualifications, cart identification, speed limit and departmental responsibility.

Please review the Cart Use Guidelines found at Risk & Insurance Services under the VEHICLE section.





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2018 Procurement Updates: Live Presentation Registration

Please join the Purchasing department for a session discussing several topics including:

  • Utah Procurement Code and review
  • UShop eProcurement system
  • PCard program revisions
  • Contract management and TCM highlights
  • Conflict of Interest overview
  • Year-end procurement processes
  • May 2018 campus vendor fair

Below are the locations and dates for the three sessions held across campus:

  • Tuesday April 24th from 9:00 – 10:30 at S.J. Quinney Law Moot Courtroom 6200
  • Wednesday April 25th from 9:00 – 10:30 at SFEBB 1110
  • Wednesday May 9th from 9:00 – 10:30 at HSEB 1730

Click here to register for your desired session.

If you need to make any changes to your registration, please contact Chanelle Furner

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Mandatory Training Now In ePAR

Effective immediately, anyone who certifies a Personal Activity Report (PAR) in ePAR will begin seeing a brief PAR training pop-up when entering the ePAR system. This training takes less than two (2) minutes to complete and replaces the online and in-person mandatory PAR training of the past.

Historically, internal and external audits have revealed that not all University employees understand effort reporting and why we review and certify effort. This lack of understanding creates a risk for the University where employees could incorrectly approve effort worked on a project, resulting in either too little or too much payroll expense being charged to a project.

To help educate and maintain a basic understanding of effort reporting for University employees, this training will repeat yearly. Not all aspects of effort reporting are included in this brief training as not all employees need to understand everything associated with effort reporting.

For those who may need additional detail or information about effort reporting, there are Research Administrative Training Series Classes that are offered in the fall and spring each year.

Questions or comments about the training can be directed to

Please note that the RATS system for tracking employees who completed the RATS training in the past is not connected to the tracking system for this new PAR training. Anyone who has recently completed the RATS PAR training will be required to complete this new training.

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Audit News – State Auditors’ Fieldwork

The State auditors will begin their interim fieldwork testing in April. This year’s State audit team will include Jason Allen, Senior Audit Manager and his staff; Kathryn Hoins, David Ingram, Dallin Wood, Kim McVey, Daniel Layton, and Chase Brown.

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Coming Soon: VISA Brand Purchasing Card

JP Morgan will soon provide each University cardholder with a new VISA PCard to replace their existing MasterCard PCard. 

The new PCards are expected to be sent directly to the cardholder the week of March 26, 2018.  Cardholders must be prepared to activate their cards immediately. The MasterCard PCard will no longer be valid effective April 1, 2018

Cardholders will receive a direct email which outlines the address to which the new card will be sent.

  • Cardholders should continue using the current MasterCard until the new card arrives.
  • The new VISA PCard will be accompanied by a welcome letter, card terms & conditions, and card activation instructions.

Please direct questions to the Purchasing Card office.

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GFA: Improvements are here!

Granting Financial Authority (GFA) is a tool that replaced paper signature cards several years ago.  This tool has also assisted us  in transitioning from paper-based processes to electronic systems such as ePR and UShop.

Our users have shared ideas for improvements, and we are excited to announce the following enhancements:

  1. ORG Roll-up: Alternates can now be added to all or a selection of Activities within one ORG, rather than adding the Alternate on multiple Activities or Projects.  This will save significant time for users requesting Alternate designations, and it is now much easier to see the requested actions.  Transitions of Account Executives, or implementing approvals for new Account Executives with many Activities and Projects can now be done with ONE request, rather than one per Activity or Project!
  2. Useful default settings and a cleaner presentation of data: The application now defaults settings for common requests, and unnecessary columns and rows have been eliminated for a de-cluttered look.
  3. Users may update Alternates on the existing line instead of adding a new line: Effective dates can now be updated on the appropriate line for each Alternate. This presents a much cleaner presentation of the user request, and will eliminate confusion.


We appreciate all the suggestions we receive from our users!  Please share your ideas about GFA and any other application using our ASK US form.

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