View Paycheck & Check/Advice Roster

The Payroll Processing for the January 22nd, 2018 paycheck is completed, and the paycheck information is available on Campus Information Services.

  1. Signon to the CIS and click the Employee dropdown (if it is not your default tab).
  2. Click the Payroll, Taxes and Salary tile.
  3. Click View Paycheck and you will see your current check.
  4. Click W-4 Tax Information and you can view/update your W-4 Tax Information.
  5. Click Direct Deposit and you can view or edit your direct deposit accounts, or suppress the printing of your direct deposit advice.

Please remember if your net pay is being direct deposited, it will not be in your bank account until NOON on January 22, 2018. If you receive a check, the University will mail it to your home address on file.

Payroll Reports: For more information about how to view your Check and Advice Roster please see the FBS News Post – Check Advice Roster

Important Information

All Payroll self-service functions are turned off during payroll processing, which begins on the final day of the pay period at 5:00 PM and ends on payday.

If you have further questions please call Payroll at 581-7873.

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January 2018 BPAG Minutes Available

The BPAG minutes from the January 12, 2018 BPAG meeting are now available on the Business Analysis & Support Services website.

What is BPAG?

BPAG stands for Business Process Advisory Group.  Business officers from across campus meet monthly with central administration to address problems and issues along with suggestions to solve them.  Over the past several years, BPAG has helped to facilitate many important changes implemented by central administration. BPAG is not a policy making group, a priority setting group nor is it intended to be the primary means of communicating to all the departments.

To learn more about BPAG, click here.

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Ask UsPlease ASK US if you have any questions.

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Accounting Month Closed for December 2017-You may now review your Management Reports in EOR

The most recent accounting month is now closed. Your Management Reports are complete and ready for your review. For most departments/units, review and approval should follow the steps outlined in this memo. Some departments/units have alternate procedures in place to accomplish review and approval. Check with your unit’s accountant and/or the liaison listed at the bottom of your Management Report if you have questions about review and approval.

A new Guideline has been published to offer clarification to Policy 3-003: Authorizations and Approvals Required for Financial Transactions.

This Guideline is meant to improve internal controls across campus as it outlines:

  1. Account Executives (AEs) and PIs remain primarily responsible for monthly review of their Management Report and submission of EOR (Evidence of Review) – even if they have chosen to delegate this authority.
  2. This responsibility cannot be delegated to an individual who also has the authority to initiate financial transactions.
  3. GFA (Granting Financial Authority) is an application found on CIS that has been recently enhanced to allow AEs and PIs to make separate delegations for financial transaction approval and Management Report Review. (Follow these instructions to delegate authority)

To proceed, please check both your PROJECTS and ACTIVITIES.

TO MAKE CHANGES, correct errors, etc.: Contact your departmental administrator as soon as possible (e.g. to prevent delay in posting your changes, please do not wait for the PAR forms).

MARK the Projects/Activities you have reviewed. (This does not necessarily indicate the transactions are correct, only that you reviewed them). There are only two approved methods to indicate Evidence of Review, and both are completed using the EOR web application

  1. Select reviewed activities/projects, and click button “Mark Reviewed,”
  2. Sselect reviewed activities/projects, and click button “Indicate Review PDF.”

Either action leaves a data indicator that review is complete. Signed review PDFs should be retained in your files for as long as you retain other Management Report documentation. Click here for a quick online EOR tutorial.

Review and approval of these monthly reports is a key element in the University’s system of internal controls, and is further explained in University Policy 3-003, Authorizations and Approvals Required for Financial Transactions. – See Section III.F.

Please help us by providing feedback by clicking here.

Ask UsPlease ASK US if you have any questions.

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Audit of Non-Capital Assets


For Your Information:

The Legislative Auditors for the State Of Utah will “soon” be returning to our campus at the University of Utah. The specific dates that these representatives will be on campus is currently not known, but they could arrive at any time.

The auditors are interested in the level of policy compliance (across all of our campus departments).

What will they be investigating?

The auditors will be reviewing your department’s compliance with applicable university policies for tracking non-capital assets (having an initial purchase cost between $1,000 and $4,999).

The auditors will be reviewing the documentation in your department for these assets (i.e. – do you have a “List”?) and they will “reconcile” your individual detailed lists of these items to the numbered “Yellow Inventory Tags” that (by policy) are to be applied to these items (the items are “tagged” primarily for insurance purposes).

Your Department may be closely scrutinized by the auditors.

Expectations / Requirements are:

  1. The University (including its departments) will maintain inventory records on all property, including real property, which has an acquisition or donated value of $1,000 or more; has a useful life in excess of one year; and meets any of the following criteria:
    1. University owned property
    2. Government owned property
    3. Loaned property that is borrowed by the University of Utah from another university or from an off-campus entity
    4. University or Government property, for which the University of Utah is accountable, that is on loan to another university or off-campus entity
  2. When the purchase of Non-Capital Equipment has been recorded in the university financial system and records, the Department will attach the appropriate “Inventory Tag” (where feasible) to the equipment and maintain records of the location and other pertinent information.

What should you do to prepare before the auditors come to your department?

You should complete your own “run through”:

  1. Read the applicable university policies (see Policy 3–041). The policies should be “fresh” in your mind. Determine: Are you consistent with our university Policies?
  2. Read the related university Procedure P3–041A.
  3. Read additional guidance in a 2007 memo found at university Rule R3–040B.
  4. Review these forms: a) Non-Capital Inventory Form; b) Off Campus Authorization Form; c) Tag Request Form; and d) Retirement/Transfer Form.
  5. Is your department “in compliance” with the policies? (Are you taking a physical inventory of these items? See Policy 3–041; Section III. E. )
  6. Check your procedures and documentation.

What happens if your department is deemed to be “non-compliant”?

The university will be noted and reported publicly as “non-compliant”.
The University of Utah should be COMPLIANT.
Please do YOUR part NOW to achieve that objective.


The detailed “Annual Physical Inventory” Report for Capital Items ($5,000 or MORE “Initial Value”) in your Department MUST be completed and TIMELY RETURNED to the University’s PROPERTY ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT.
This “Reporting Procedure” requires that your Department review and UPDATE the lists provided. UPDATE the following data:

  1. Location (Room Number)
  2. Account for all “RED TAGGED” items on your “List”
  3. Use – Is there a current, active use for the item?
  4. Is this item related to RESEARCH at the university?
  5. Ensure that all “Research Equipment” is in the applicable ROOM (where it should be, so that the Equipment “MATCHES” the Space usage). Research equipment should be housed in space where Research is conducted.

Return your Updated, Signed Report(s) to Property Accounting on a Timely Basis.

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October Accounting Month to Close Friday, November 10

Due to complications related to the recent PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrade, it has become necessary to delay the October 2017 month-end close.  We anticipate we will be able to close the month by end of day Friday, November 10, 2017.

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Household Moves – Updated Information!

Pursuant to campus-wide requests, we have updated the Household Moves page.

This page will answer various questions about household moves for new faculty members, etc., and provides more detailed information about the University contracted moving company, expense reimbursements, University Policy and Procedures, as well as other important information. 

Find this updated page on the Purchasing website.


Campus users may use the ASK US form, or call the Purchasing buyer: Hamer Reiser at 801-581-4022. Accounts Payable questions can be directed to Ashley Hsia at  801-581-6976.


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Revised Activity/Project Setup Request form

One of the attributes of each activity/project in our Peoplesoft system is called the Function/Sub-Function code – also known as Program/Program Class.  It is used to describe the predominant functional usage of expenditures made against the associated activity/project.  This code is used for both federal and state reporting purposes. 

Historically, this code has been assigned by our General Accounting office.  Going forward, we would like the campus departments to have a more direct say in what this code should be. 

Beginning November 1, 2017, all new activities and projects will be created using a revised Activity/Project Setup Request form.  This form will now REQUIRE a valid entry for both the Function and the Sub-Function code.  Drop down menus will be provided on the form for you to make a selection from.  Links to the definitional statements for each Function and Sub-Function value can be accessed directly from the form.  Filling in these code valuations will help us keep and maintain the proper coding, which becomes so important in our federal and state reporting obligations. 

Thank you for your help in raising the quality of our financial data elements.  This effort will go a long way towards improving reporting overall.  If you have questions or need further help in interpreting some of the definitional statements, please contact the accountant at the bottom of the management report or General Accounting

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All Financial systems will be unavailable 10/13-10/15

We want to inform each of you that all financial systems will be unavailable this weekend beginning Friday, October 13, at 7 pm in order to conduct the 9.2 PeopleSoft upgrade. UIT and key functional FBS personnel have been preparing for this upgrade for several months.

Be advised that you will not be able to use any of our web applications such as Credit Card Services, ePR, UShop, Travel Systems, Management Reports and many more, while the system is down. Please refer to the official UIT post for more detail.

We plan to restore access to all applications by Monday morning, October 16, 2017.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to use our ASK US form.
Please forward this message as necessary to those in your area.

Thank you,
9.2 Upgrade Team

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New Manager of Grants & Contracts Accounting , Effective October 15, 2017

Financial & Business Services is pleased to announce that Robert Allen has assumed an additional interim role, including the responsibilities as Manager of Grants and Contracts Accounting. Rob will continue to report directly to Ken Erickson, Director of Research Management & Compliance.

Rob joined the Research Management & Compliance department on April 1, 2016 as the Manager of Cost Accounting & Analysis. Rob is also the Manager of Property Accounting. Rob is a licensed CPA and has extensive professional experience in government regulations, compliance, reporting, financial management, budgeting, cost accounting and auditing.

Rob is familiar with our research portfolio, costs and rates at the University of Utah (he manages the data preparation, review and submissions in our F & A Rate Proposals).

Dawn Atterbury is leaving the university, effective October 14, 2017, and is currently transitioning her Grants & Contracts Accounting roles to Rob. Rob is in Park 416 and his telephone number is 801-581-5635.

Rob is a graduate of the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and holds an MBA degree as a graduate of Utah State University. Rob’s employers (prior to the University of Utah) included the Defense Contract Audit Agency, Hercules Incorporated, Dyno Nobel and TATC.

Please join Financial & Business Services in welcoming Rob as he integrates his experiences into the research mission of the University of Utah.

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Change in Leadership

Dawn Atterbury, Associate Director for Grants & Contracts Accounting, is leaving the University of Utah

Financial & Business Services announces that Dawn Atterbury has resigned her position, effective October 14, 2017, in the Research Management & Compliance group.  Dawn has accepted a position as Senior Consultant with Logistics Specialties, Inc. (LSI), providing services under the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

Dawn will be part of a Procurement Technical Assistance Center to increase Utah small business participation in government contracting.  Dawn will assist small businesses with multiple phases of Government contracting – federal, state and local.  She will also assist socioeconomically disadvantaged small businesses.

Dawn brought government contracting experiences with her when she joined our team four years ago.  Dawn will be missed.

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