Financial System Report Security Overview

A security system has been developed which allows each University employee access to only those Administrative Financial WEB Applications (e.g. Management Reports, Voucher Lookup, etc.) he/she needs to perform his/her assigned duties. The system has been designed to allow maximum flexibility for authorizing access to the system. The first level of security requires an individual to have a userID and password to log onto the Campus Information System. No further security is necessary to use these applications except the Management Reports and Payroll Earnings, Benefits, and Taxes (EBT’s) reports. In other words, all individuals with a userID and password have access to all detail transactions (journals, purchase orders, and vouchers), ChartField lookups, and other financial resources in the system.

Management Reports and Payroll EBT’s, however, will be restricted by everything within an OrgID, or specific Funds within an OrgID, and/or to a particular individual’s Activities and Projects , and/or to specific Activities or Projects. Individuals who are assigned as the Responsible Person for an Activity or Project will automatically have access to those reports. Payroll EBT’s also require authorization at the college or other administrative level. Separate authorization forms are available for Management Reports and Payroll EBT’s, one for each.


  • OrgID Security

BU 01 & 04 – Individuals who require access to all Activities and Projects for a specific OrgID(s) will be given access at that level. It is not necessary to list each Activity and Project assigned to the OrgID . As new Activities and Projects are established and assigned to an OrgID, those who have access to that OrgID will automatically have access to the new Activities and Projects. An OrgID rollup structure has been established which allows security to be set hierarchically. In other words, the Dean of a college would likely want access to all OrgIDs in his/her college. To have to all the OrgIDs in his/her college, it is not necessary to request access to each OrgID individually. The Dean would simply request access to the highest level OrgID for his/her college. For example, some of the College of Science OrgIDs are:

  • 00114 – College of Science
    • 00113 – Dean’s Office
    • 00116 – Biology
    • 00121 – Chemistry
      • 00967 – Journal of Organic Chemistry
    • 00124 – Mathematics
    • 00127 – Physics

Each of the departments (Dean’s Office through Physics) reports to the College of Science and Chemistry has a subordinate organization reporting to it. The Dean need only request access to OrgID 00114 to have access to all of the college’s Activities and Projects. The chairman of the Chemistry department should request access to OrgID 00121 to have access to all Activities and Projects for OrgIDs 00121 and 00967. The director of the Journal of Organic Chemistry should request just OrgID 00967 to get access to only the center’s Activities and Projects and not the rest of the Chemistry department. To determine the rollup structure of OrgIDs, go to the Chartfield Table Lookups.  This is located in the ChartField menu item of Management Reports in the Finance/Accounting section of the Campus Information System.

OrgID access can also be restricted by Fund. For Instance, individuals who require access to only Projects within an OrgID should request access to the OrgID  and Fund 5000 and/or Fund 5999. If more than one Fund is required, each Fund must be specifically requested. If all Funds are required, no Fund specification is necessary.
BU 02 & 03 – Individuals who require access to specific OrgIDs and not all the OrgIDs for a specific individual should request this level of access.

  • Responsible Person (PI) Employee ID

BU 01 & 04 – Individuals who require access to all the Activities and Projects for a specific individual(s) but not an entire OrgID should request this level of access. For example, a secretary or administrative assistant needing access to the Activities and Projects of one or more Responsible Person should request access by the Employee ID of the Responsible Person(s).

BU 02 & 03 – Individuals who require access to all the OrgIDs for a specific individual(s) should request this level of access.

  • Activity/Project

Individuals who require access to specific Activities or Projects and not all Activities and Projects for an OrgID or for a specific individual should request this level of access.