View PAN update

We are experiencing increased use of the View PAN WEB application. This is a good thing! Many of you are using this more as a result of the integration of VIEW PAN to our new WEB application, Department Job Summary (D-Jobs). Click here for more information about D-Jobs.

We have received a few reports of people receiving various system errors when attempting to view certain employees. We have researched the cause of these system errors and discovered they (the errors) are a result of some data anomalies. We have made the application more robust to now display the employee PAN and give an indication of the data issues. Some of the issues are:

  • Missing Social Security Number — Displays as “missing” (without the quotes) on the PAN.
  • Citizenship status missing — Displays as “missing” (without the quotes) on the PAN.
  • Missing Birth date — View PAN previously displayed the system date, now the Birth date “box” is blank.
  • Various elements also display an explanation of the code. If a code is in the system that has no explanation, the PAN will now display X-Bad Code (where X is the “code value”).

We encourage you to continue using D-Jobs and View PAN. Please report any problems or direct any questions about the elements that show on the PAN form to HR/Payroll.

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