Department Job Summary (D-JOBS)

Department Job Summary (D-JOBS)Introduction
As presented at the semi-annual Business Officer‘s Meeting, a new WEB application is now available to payroll reporters. Department Job Summary (D-JOBS) is a complimentary application to PAN Distributions and View PAN Form, currently accessible through the Campus Information System (CIS). All three of these functions can be found on the Human Resource Management pagelet.

U have asked for a department based summary of your employees. “D-JOBS” is the answer! It displays a one line summary for every active job in your department, allowing the department head and/or payroll reporter to easily review HR/Payroll information.


  • “Current” Job List – Displays all current jobs as of a given date, in addition all terminations within the last 12 months.
  • Past, Present, and Future – Displays all job information as it looks today as well as any date in the past or future. This allows you to see historical information as well as verify future changes (e.g. New Year Salaries budgeted in BRASS and/or FYSC).
  • Future Terminations – Displays the future date this job is scheduled to end, if applicable.
  • Distribution End Dates – Displays the future distribution end date for this job. Note that there could still be “gaps” between today and this date. If there is any doubt, you are encouraged to view the entire PAN.
  • Integration with View PAN Form and PAN Distributions – There are shortcuts (links) to the View PAN Form and PAN Distributions applications. (P – View PAN Form, D – PAN Distributions). Note this will always take you to the current PAN (or future if available) form and distributions.
    • Note: If clicking the P does not immediately bring up the PAN form, please click the refresh button on your browser. We are currently researching and addressing this issue.
  • Job History – Displays complete history of all jobs (since the implementation of PeopleSoft) this employee has had at the University. If job information relates to a different department, the compensation rate is listed as unavailable. Click on the H link to see this history.
  • Update Directory – Allows you to update directory infomation for listed employees. You may change the employee’s email address, location code, and/or work phone number. Click on the U link to update.
  • Excel download on Job Summary – The department job summary can be imported directly into excel by clicking the “To Excel” button. This will only download job information (i.e. will not download distributions).
  • Hover Links – Various elements on the page will be explained by hovering the mouse pointer over them. For example the D H P U links will be labeled as you “mouse over” the letter. Other elements that you can only hover over (i.e. they are not links) are colored blue.
  • Include Distributions on Job Summary – One can expand the Job Summary to show all current distributions for all current jobs. You can toggle this feature on and off by clicking on the “Show Distributions” and “Hide Distributions” buttons. This feature is only available for Job Summaries that are as of today or a date in the future.
  • Change the “as of date” on the Job Summary Page – You can change the as of date on the summary page, without returing to the criteria page.
  • Excel download on Employee Job History – All the job history for the employee can be imported directly into excel by clicking the “To Excel” button.

This application shares the same security role as View PAN Form and PAN Distributions, i.e. if you already use these two functions, you will automatically be able to use D-JOBS. If you have questions about this or other payroll reporter tools, please contact your HR Service Representative. He/she can also help you with getting the proper authorization to use these applications.