Ending Terminated Employee Direct Deposit

On April 13th, 2005 Direct Deposit self service became available to University employees. Along with this new self service the prenoting of new or changed accounts occurs in the same period to ensure that most employees that set up their Direct Deposit will have their check deposited by the very next check, instead of waiting the previous time of 2-3 pay periods.

Within the last few weeks the Payroll Office re-implemented a program in PeopleSoft to inactivate Direct Deposit for those employees who terminate. This program will inactivate the Direct Deposit function on terminated employees one month after their termination date.

This inactivation program stops information that is no longer valid in the system due to the fact that the employee is terminated from the University. This program also prevents future problems for those employees who come back to work at the University, and have changed their bank account, so that their money is not direct deposited into an account that is no longer valid.

Please notify employees in your department who frequently terminate and rehire more than a month after their last termination date that they will need to reactivate their direct deposit information if they wish to have Direct Deposit of pay. To check the status or set up of Direct Deposit have the employee(s) log into the Campus Information Systems. Click on the self service feature to see if the account(s) are active, or if the account is not active have the employee re-enter that information or set up new accounts for Direct Deposit of pay.

Direct Deposit self service is located in the Campus Information Systems under the Payroll, Taxes and Salaries option, at:


There is also a help manual, at the web address below, located in the Direct Deposit option for step by step instructions as to how to setup, change, or delete an account:


If you have questions concerning direct deposit or questions about the self service system that are not answered by the manual please contact the Payroll Office at 1-7873.

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