Purchasing and UShop Winter Break Notice

During the campus closure from December 24, 2021 through January 2, 2022, please note the following applying to Purchasing, UShop, Contract Management, and PCard:

    • UShop punch-out/catalog purchases, PCard transactions, and other non-restricted transactions under the small purchase threshold ($5,000) can still be made/processed with the appropriate departmental approval(s) during the holiday closure period.
    • If you have not already initiated a procurement process for a transaction required to be ordered prior to the end of the year, we strongly recommend you contact the appropriate buyer as soon as possible to discuss your procurement need.  
    • During this closure, staff will generally not be available by email or phone.  For urgent procurement matters arising during this closure, please call or email Terri O’Toole at 801-581-8992 or totoole@purchasing.utah.edu

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!