Temporary Move – Purchasing, UShop, PCard, and Contracts

Along with several other buildings on campus, the first floor of the Park Building flooded the night of August 1, 2021. Several offices were impacted, including Purchasing. Fortunately, Accounts Payable only received water damage to a small area.

Effective Monday, August 9, 2021, Purchasing, UShop, P-Card, and Contracts will temporarily be located within Accounts Payable in the Park Building, 201 Presidents Circle, Room 145. Office hours will remain unchanged for all of these units: 8 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

Phones are being moved and no interruptions of service are anticipated, but please be patient and email if you cannot complete a call. While a renovation completion date has not been established at this time, it is anticipated that Purchasing’s move back to room 170 may take several weeks. Notice will be provided when that move is completed.

In addition to employee’s phone numbers, which are still operational, central numbers and an email address exist as follows:

Many thanks to Accounts Payable for making this accommodation, and best wishes to others on campus who are dealing with flood-related issues.