Vice President (or designee) Approval Required on Expenditures Exceeding $10,000

In response to the directive dated April 29, 2020, issued to the President’s Leadership Council from President Watkins and Senior VPs Reed and Good (read here), the Purchasing Department has implemented new procedures and processes to address required vice presidential approval for expenditures exceeding $10,000.00.

To adhere to this directive, all in-process and newly received UShop requisitions with a value greater than $10,000, regardless of origination date, will require written cognizant vice presidential or designee approval prior to being processed.

Purchasing Department buyers will contact requisitioning departments to obtain the required written approval for all in-process requisitions received prior to this new directive. Newly received affected requisitions will be reviewed for proper written vice presidential or designee approval. Requisitions exceeding $10,000 in value not accompanied by written approval will be held until written approval is received. Requisitions denied approval will be returned to the requisitioning department. If an exception to the directive has been issued by a vice president, a copy of such should be submitted with the requisition.

Questions regarding the $10,000 written approval directive or possible exceptions should be addressed with the business officer(s) within your reporting area. Purchasing Department buyers should be contacted for requisition-specific questions.