Revised Activity/Project Setup Request form

One of the attributes of each activity/project in our Peoplesoft system is called the Function/Sub-Function code – also known as Program/Program Class.  It is used to describe the predominant functional usage of expenditures made against the associated activity/project.  This code is used for both federal and state reporting purposes. 

Historically, this code has been assigned by our Financial Reporting & Accounting office.  Going forward, we would like the campus departments to have a more direct say in what this code should be. 

Beginning November 1, 2017, all new activities and projects will be created using a revised Activity/Project Setup Request form.  This form will now REQUIRE a valid entry for both the Function and the Sub-Function code.  Drop down menus will be provided on the form for you to make a selection from.  Links to the definitional statements for each Function and Sub-Function value can be accessed directly from the form.  Filling in these code valuations will help us keep and maintain the proper coding, which becomes so important in our federal and state reporting obligations. 

Thank you for your help in raising the quality of our financial data elements.  This effort will go a long way towards improving reporting overall.  If you have questions or need further help in interpreting some of the definitional statements, please contact the accountant at the bottom of the management report or Financial Reporting & Accounting