NIH Salary Cap Increase

On January 8, 2017, a new NIH salary cap amount of $187,000 went into effect. The Federal Government FY 2016 Consolidated Appropriations Act states that the NIH salary cap amount is tied to the amount of the Federal Executive Salary Level II pay category; when this pay category increased on Jan 8, 2017, the NIH salary cap amount went up too. Currently, NIH is funded with a continuing resolution through April 28, 2017; as such, the FY 2016 Appropriations Act continues to remain in effect.

When the FY 2017 appropriations are released, then the new Act will dictate what the NIH salary cap will be going forward from that point. If there are any changes made to the NIH salary cap at that time, an additional notification will be sent out identifying the change.

Please see the official NIH Notification (released March 17, 2017) for additional information.

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