A Few Days Left – Are you ready to use UShop?

Paper Requisition Submission Deadline: August 31, 2016

As a follow up to the message sent last week by Ruth Watkins and John Nixon to the Deans, Chairs and Program Directors, we want to remind you of some specific information regarding the upcoming deadline for the discontinuation of paper-based purchasing requisitions.  

These bullets contain key information mentioned in the August 1 message from Ruth Watkins and John Nixon:

  • Be Aware of the Deadline: Beginning September 1, 2016, paper purchasing requisitions will no longer be processed.  This deadline is now only 15 business days away.
  • Training is Essential for Access to UShop: We have created both in-person training or online training opportunities throughout August so that you can be sure to be prepared for this September 1 milestone.  Please complete training as soon as possible. 
  • You can help with the transition: Please convey this message to your staff and faculty who have budget and purchasing responsibilities.  Please let us know immediately if you anticipate any problems with the September 1 deadline.

Any paper requisitions received beginning September 1 will be returned to the originating department for submission through UShop. Purchases of goods and services will certainly be significantly impeded if you are not ready to use UShop in preparation of this deadline.  Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. 

For assistance call our HELP DESK at 5-CALL or use our ASK US form.