FY2016 is coming to a close – View Year-End Dates

July 1, 2016 begins a new Fiscal Year, so the time has come to participate in the year-end closing process.

Don’t wait until the last moment to complete these tasks – get yours in early to beat the RUSH!

Please be aware of these deadlines:

  • Cost Transfers – June 17 (Payroll)/July 1 (Non-payroll)
  • Blanket Orders (Now UShop Renewals) – June 24**
  • Budget Changes – July 1
  • Campus Orders – July 6
  • Travel – July 6
  • Accounts Payable – July 8
  • Cash Receipts – July 8
  • Journal Entries – July 13
  • Purchasing Card Reallocations – July 13

More Detailed information on Fiscal Year Closing and Dates can be found here.

If you have any questions concerning the year-end closing process, please contact General Accounting at 1-5610.

**Need to be trained on UShop and Renewal forms? You can get your UShop training done ONLINE!

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