New FIL Reports To Track Status of Alternate Requests in GFA

Ask Us or Share Your IdeasAs campus is using the new GFA application, another question to Financial & Business Services is: How can I track the Status of the Requests made in the Granting Financial Authority (GFA) application?”

Two new reports have been added to the Financial Information Library (FIL)

These reports can help determine which approvals are needed.

GFA Pending Approvals by AE

This report gives all the pending Account Executive Approvals in an Org (Rollup included).
If the signature is missing, this is also noted.

GFA View Alternate Designation

This report can be used to determine what Projects or Activities an individual has been granted authority on.

  • Status of Pending or Approved is provided for each Project or Activity.
  • If the signature is missing, this is also noted.

Please continue to give us feedback through the Ask Us link below. Your feedback is valuable to us. These enhancements came about because you spoke up.

Need to know more? Check out the GFA page and instructional videos!

Modernizing P2PGFA is part of our efforts to Modernize P2P

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