Update on Project Encumbrance Issues

A previous FS News Post described a system issue resulting in negative encumbrances showing on Web Management Reports. There remain some isolated data anomalies, but the global issues have been resolved. We are also happy to report that the F&A encumbrance calculation is occurring every day. Combined with the daily Payroll Encumbrance process, you can feel confident that all project encumbrances are more accurate and more timely now than they have been for the past 15 years. We hope this increased accuracy and timeliness will help you as you make financial decisions based on the Web Management Reports.

If you any questions regarding your Financial Statements (including the remaining isolated encumbrance anomalies), please reach out to the Cognizant Accountant, whose name is at the bottom of your Activity/Project Management Report(s).

If you have further questions or comments about this news post, please also reach out to your friendly Cognizant Accountant or

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