Project Negative Encumbrance ERRORS

We feel it important to inform you of an error that exists in the Financial System. There are projects that have a NEGATIVE ENCUMBRANCE(s) on the Management Reports and all other reports that reflect encumbrances. This error is limited to non-payroll encumbrances and only to Projects. This error is a result of the recent PAM implementation of the new Grants modules. There is currently no resolution to the problem.

Please take extra care in looking for any negative encumbrances and reduce the Budget Balance Available by the negative encumbrance(s) amount to obtain the correct amount available on the award.

We are currently investigating the problem.



Budget PTD Expense Encumbered Budget Balance  
$100,000 $105,000 ($20,000) $15,000 ERROR
$100,000 $105,000 $0 ($5,000) CORRECT


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