Payroll Encumbrance Changes Coming January 6th

Ever wish you could project payroll commitments through the end of a multi-year research grant? Tired of updating employee distributions only to wait (patiently) for the next payroll cycle before the changes are reflected on encumbrance reports? Then your time has come!

Beginning Friday, January 6th, payroll encumbrances will be updated daily and include future years on research projects. These enhancements are part of the Project Administration & Management (PAM) initiative underway at the U.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for these changes?

Glad you asked!

First, in order to take advantage of future year encumbering on research projects, you must set up payroll distributions with future fiscal year begin and end dates…encumbrances will only be calculated for dates specified on the Employee Distribution. Note that a single payroll distribution row cannot cross a fiscal year, you must insert a new distribution row for each fiscal year you wish to encumber. Payroll distributions do not need to be updated right away, you may update them whenever you are ready. Your changes will be reflected in payroll encumbrance reports within a business day of making the change.

Second, the format of the Payroll Encumbrance Reports in Management Reports and the Human Resources Information Library (HRIL) will change. If you have set up any automated processing on payroll encumbrance report downloads, your process may be impacted. 

Look for more information about the payroll encumbrance enhancements in Friday’s official announcement via FS News!

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