Momentum Newsletter, October 1, 2010

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Notable Changes 

Accounts Payable continues to implement improvements.  

Find out how we plan to move forward…  

e-Journal Entry Web Application takes off! 

Read more… 

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has implemented new security requirements…

Find out how our travelers are affected… 

Process Spotlight 

Procurement and Contracting Services wants to help the University maximize our buying power. 

Read more about strategic sourcing… 

Internal Controls Corner

Fraud Alert! Find out what criminals are doing with some online documents and how you can prevent it…

New Internal Controls Web site…  Find useful information for your department’s use.

FS TipUse Information on new web site to lead an Internal Controls discussion at your next staff meeting! 

Purchasing Card

This issue’s focus: Important Security Reminders

  • How to protect your department against fraudulent transactions.
  • How can departments detect unauthorized purchases?


FS Community    
 Our Accountants are “Engaged!”

Do you know what we are doing to better understand your environment and needs?… 

Have you ever wanted to take an FS training course, but couldn’t? 

We want to know why… 

 Upcoming Events 

WACUBO Workshops… Find out which workshop will be led by Theresa Ashman, our Controller…

  • Presenting Financial Info; Oct 6, Boise, ID
  • Intermed. Accounting; Oct  7 – 8, Boise, ID
  • Process Mapping; Nov 4 – 5, Tucson, AZ
  • Strategic Planning; Dec 2 – 3, Las Vegas, NV

 Additional FS Training Dates: 

  • e-Journal Entry Web Application
  • Internal Controls
  • Endowment 101

$Y$ - Happenings 

New Systems Developments: 

Fresh New FS Web Presence…

Find out why we are so excited…

What you need to know about the HE planned upgrade…

October 7, 2010


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