Adding FBS News to your PeopleSoft Tab

This message is intended for individuals with a My Page tab in the Campus Information System. If you only have an Employee or Student tab, please disregard this message.

The FS News pagelet is required on the Employee tab of the CIS. If you have access to PeopleSoft through the Enterprise Menu, you can optionally add the FS News pagelet to the My Page tab. Below is an example of an individual who has access to the My Page tab, Employee tab, and Student tab.
cis tabs
Here are the steps to add the FS News pagelet to the My Page tab on the CIS.

  1. Signon to the CIS. If you are currently signed on to the CIS, click on the My Page tab if it is not your current tab.
  2. Click the Content link.
  3. Check FS News under the Employee Menu items group.
  4. Click Save.