Register for e-Journal Entry Preparer Training Now!

Registration is now open on a first-come, first-serve basis for e-Journal Entry Web Application Preparer Training.

The new e-Journal Entry Web Application replaces the General Journal Entry PDF form as a means for submitting journal entries. Submitting via the e-Journal Entry application can significantly reduce the time it takes to process a journal entry by:

  • Eliminating delivery time
  • Eliminating dual-data entry (does not need to be re-keyed by Central Administration)
  • Reducing the need for corrections – the system has several built-in checks that ensure the journal balances, contains valid chartfield combinations, and more.

Click here for more information on the rollout and to register for training, and spread the word by sharing this post with your colleagues!

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5 Responses to Register for e-Journal Entry Preparer Training Now!

  1. ab says:

    The registration successful form would be more useful if it included the date and time of the training for e-Journal one had signed up for. The link to add to the MS outlook did not add it, so I’m left hoping I really signed up for the date I assumed I did.

  2. rmm says:

    The links to register for the e-Journal training did not take me to the correct site. It is being corrected but now all of the trainings are full.

  3. TM says:

    Three days and all the sessions are already. full. Add more sessions please!

  4. Steve Allen says:

    The Outlook issue with the registration success form (see ab comment) has been reported and resolved. We recognize that there may be some of you whose Outlook calendar was not updated. We will be sending out reminder emails.

    There will be more e-Journal classes scheduled and announced in subsequent FBS News postings. We planned the size and frequency of the initial classes to insure a smooth roll-out. You may still submit your journal entries to General Accounting using the Journal Entry PDF form.

    Thank you for your support and patience.

  5. Rebecca Baggett says:

    The October 21st session has been moved to a location with more capacity (55), and registration is now open to fill those slots.

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