GASB 96, a New Governmental Accounting Standard For Subscription-Based Information Technology Agreements (SBITA)

Per GASB 96 effective for fiscal year 2023 we must identify and start reporting on any subscription based IT arrangements (SBITA). This is retroactive, meaning we have to not only do this for any new agreements we enter into, but we must identify and report on any existing agreements that meet the definition of a SBITA. The university is taking a two pronged approach to this new requirement. For any new agreements, starting on or after 3/15/2023, the Controller’s office will be notified of potential SBITA’s by Purchasing/Contracts. For any existing agreements we need the departments across campus to help us identify them. The Controller’s office has created a Power Point presentation as well as a decision tree to help departments determine if an agreement for use of a vendor’s software potentially meets the definition of a SBITA. If it does, the Controller’s Office has also created a Potential SBITAs Reporting Form, that we are requesting the departments fill out and send to Wei Hsiung. Please use the date 7/1/2023 as you are determining dollar amounts and subscription term (length left on agreement).
If you have any questions you can reach out to Wei Hsiung or Steven Phillips whose contact information is available in the slides.