Small-Dollar / Single Procurement Threshold Update

Effective immediately, in response to the change to the small-dollar / single procurement threshold as defined in policy 3-100 and rule R3-100D, UShop workflow has been modified. Requisitions for non-restricted goods or services that previously were paused for procurement review and approval when the total requisition amount was greater than $5,000 will now pause for that review when the requisition amount is greater than $10,000. This does not apply to orders placed with punch-out catalogs where a contract is in place. That threshold will remain at $50,000. Please contact the UShop team with any questions.

ePR (Electronic Payment Requests) will reflect this change as well. The payment types previously limited to $5,000 will move to a $10,000 limit. Please contact Accounts Payable with any ePR related questions.

The single purchase threshold change will also affect PCard transactions valued between $5,000 and $10,000. For cardholders requiring a single limit increase greater than $5,000, a Change Cardholder Limits form is required to be submitted for approval. Requests for permanent PCard single purchase limit increases exceeding $5,000 will require detailed justification. Please contact the PCard office with any questions.

Contact information:

UShop:; Phone: 801-585-2255
Accounts Payable:; Phone: 801-581-6976
PCard:; Phone: 801-587-7859