Purchasing Update – October 2021

The Utah procurement code has undergone several changes during the past few years, which have been communicated in BPAG meetings and in transactional situations where applicable. Since some of the code changes require updates to University procurement policy and rules, that effort is underway. We anticipate the policy review/approval process may take several weeks. 

Policy changes are primarily in three categories:  1. Updates to match current statutes;  2. Clean-up since the last changes in 2013;  3. Reductions and simplifications, where possible.

In cases where university policy is currently outdated as compared to Utah code, Purchasing is following the code statutes as required by law.  Examples include:

  1. Simplifications to the request for proposals (RFP) process, which include streamlining the “intent to award notice” and eliminating a “cost-benefit analysis”.
  1. Emergency procurements – public posting is now required, similar to sole source or solicitation postings. 30-day completion of work requirement.
  1. Restrictions and the exception process for equipment leasing – equipment leasing is generally prohibited, but an exception process is articulated.

With questions regarding this update, please feel free to contact Glendon Mitchell, Sr. Director of Procurement and Contracting services at gmitchell@purchasing.utah.edu or a member of the Purchasing team at 801-581-7241.

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