Notice for Federal Work-Study

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid has Work-Study funding available for the 2018-2019 academic year. Our goal is to fully utilize the funds we have to offer our eligible students Work-Study options. We would like to evaluate current part-time student workers to determine if they are eligible for Work-Study and also assist in any way possible for students to participate in the Work-Study program during the Spring 2019 term.

As an employer, this may reduce the cost of wages to your Department for your student employees. If you send us a list of all the part-time student workers you employ, we will happily look at their eligibility on a case-by-case basis to see if Work-Study is a possibility and provide further guidance to assist if needed.

As you are hiring new student employees, we would like to evaluate those students as well for eligibility for the Work-Study program. You may send us their name and student ID for review.

If it is determined that the student worker is eligible to participate we will put a Work-Study offer on their financial aid files. We will provide you with a list of students that have been offered Work-Study so that you can encourage them to accept the offer. Once a student has accepted Work-Study the employer will then need to complete a Job Referral Notice (JRN) Request on our website.

For employers with additional questions about Work-Study we have information available on our website.

You may also refer any questions the Federal Work-Study Coordinator, Emilie Hereth , at .