Enhancements to Scholarship/Fellowship/Traineeship Payment Request Processing

In an effort to simplify the Scholarship/Fellowship/Traineeship process, the Scholarship/Fellowship and Traineeship forms have been combined into a single comprehensive form. This new form can be used for all ePR business purposes under the Scholarship/Fellowship/Traineeship payment type.

Additional Form Enhancements:

  • An initial payment date field has been added and should correspond to the invoice date indicated on the ePR. This indicates the desired processing date (print date for checks, transaction date for direct deposit) for the initial payment.
  • The beginning and end date entry boxes have been moved up on the form and reformatted to communicate these dates more clearly. The first and last month date fields are otherwise unchanged and should include the full date (mm/dd/yy).

Along with form improvements, there are additional features available in ePR:

  • The invoice date on the ePR:
    • This date controls when the payment is processed and can now indicate a date up to two months in the future, in effect allowing a department to schedule the initial payment. The subsequent payments will be issued on the first of each following month.
    • If a future date is indicated on an ePR that is NOT for a Scholarship/Fellowship/Traineeship, it will have the same effect—the payment will be scheduled but not released until the date indicated.
  • The accounting date on the ePR will determine when the expense posts to the Management Reports.

The new Scholarship/Fellowship/Traineeship Form is linked directly from the attachment section of ePR when the Scholarship/Fellowship/Traineeship payment type is selected. It is also available from the Accounts Payable forms page. Detailed instructions including a summarized checklist have also been published along with an updated Educational Payments Decision Document. Both of which are also available from the Accounts Payable forms page.

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