New ePR Request Type for: Scholarship/Fellowship/Traineeship

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Scholarship / Fellowship / Traineeship payment type in ePR! This will allow both single payments and scheduled monthly payments for grant funded traineeships and department funded scholarships and fellowships.

Because additional documentation and signatures are required for these payment types, redesigned versions of the original traineeship form will be required as attachments. The FS Forms Page now contains the following new forms and documents:

The Educational/Research Traineeship Grant Form and the Scholarship / Fellowship Payment Request Form are also available directly from the attachments sections of ePR for these two sub-types.

Any paper Scholarship / Fellowship / Traineeship forms received by June 30th will be processed but all new submissions should be made through ePR. After June 30th all Scholarship / Fellowship / Traineeship must be submitted on these new forms via the correct payment types & sub-types in ePR.

Coming soon:

We will be adding additional sub-types for Clerkships, Accreditation and Recurring Athletic Scholarship Payments.